Walldorff Brew Pub & Bistro

Nugent Builders pulled together a design/build team of mechanical, plumbing, electrical, and food service contractors to help with the design of the various systems for this project. As construction manager, Nugent Builders assisted the architectural designers of the project with financial planning by recommending various construction options that fell within the project’s budget. Nugent Builders started with preliminary cost estimates that helped with the financial part of the business plan. Nugent staff also met with the design team on a regular basis to input on cost saving ideas for the project. This careful planning allowed Nugent Builders to complete the project in only five months. The owners of the Walldorff had a dream to open a restaurant and micro brewery that offered excellent food, great service, and provided an atmosphere that would have the customers return on a regular basis. This dream came true the day the Walldorff Brew Pub & Bistro opened.

“I arranged to have Nugent Builders on a $2 million project renovating a building constructed in the 1860’s. For this project I found Nugent personnel to be helpful and conscientious. I certainly give my highest recommendation to Nugent Builders and welcome any questions about their performance.” Carl Schoessel, Owner/Partner