Cannon Township Hall

Nugent Builders was selected for this project as a result of its past project experience with Cannon Township. The township knew that Nugent Builders always keeps the best interest of the township in mind by being available to offer suggestions for improvement and resolving issues quickly and in a professional manner. Nugent Builders brings a higher level of attention to detail and focuses on the owners’ needs to increase the overall quality of every project it manages.

“Nugent Builders was the general contractor on the recent expansion of the Cannon Township Offices. This involved adding approximately 4000 square feet of new office space and the remodeling of the existing office space. This was accomplished without shutting down the offices and minimizing any down time. The work was performed in a timely manner, on schedule, and on a budget. When issues came up they were resolved quickly and professionally. The project manager was always available and made suggestions for improvements in both quality and efficient use of our space. Working with the architect, adjustments were accomplished without lost time.

The quality of materials and workmanship was reflected in Nugent Builders high quality standards for construction and customer satisfaction. Based on our experience with Nugent Builders in the expansion and remodel of the Cannon Township Offices, we would recommend them without reservation for any future project.” Bonnie S. Blackledge, Cannon Township Clerk