Where do I begin?

By Aaron McConnell

I am interested in building. Who do I talk to in order to make the best decision possible?

A few years ago, a church in Greenville wanted to build a new sanctuary, classrooms, fellowship hall and offices. As part of the project, they brought in four contractors to give budget numbers on the turnkey project. As it turned out, every contractor gave the exact same cost per square foot budget to the church. I can see where this would be frustrating for the customer, but it taught me a valuable lesson. It taught me that getting to know your builder, feeling comfortable and building trust with this individual is as important as the proposed budget.

My advice when embarking on a building project is first and foremost, screen your builders by who you can work with over the life of the project. In construction it is almost guaranteed that there will be issues, it is how the issues are dealt with that will determine the success of the project.

Call, set up and appointment to talk to the person that you would be working with, find out what projects they have completed, call past customers to see what their experience was like. Choose the builder and work together to success!