Erasing the lines

By Aaron McConnell

Recently I had the pleasure of attending the ABC Lunch and learn on the topic of emerging trends in the construction industry. Looking around the room, much of my competition was represented. Day to day we go for many of the same jobs, adjusting margins to be aggressive and trying to gain any competitive advantage that we can to secure contracts. It is a constant battle with who can come in with the lowest number with the highest quality and still make money for our stakeholders.

For about two hours last week, the battle lines were erased; we shared a meal and discussed topics that concern all of us. We discussed everything from the changing marketplace to the loss of seasoned veterans to retirement with nobody on their heels to fill their shoes to the lack of laborers and technology issues. For that little bit, we were on the same team. I left the meeting with a new sense of partnership and pride in what we do here in West Michigan. The market has no shortage of quality contractors that have the drive to better themselves in order to give our customers the most positive construction experience possible. I sincerely look forward to the next time we get together.

Until then…..sharpen your pencils and strap on the Kevlar……